M:Alto Amx-140fx - 14 kanaliga mikser
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Alto Amx-140fx - 14 Channel Mixing Console With Digital Effects

The AMX-140(FX) mixing console is designed for professional application. It will provide the following:- 5 MIC input channels with gold plated XLRs and balanced LINE input- 4 stereo input channels with balanced TRS jacks- Ultra-low noise discrete MIC pre-amps with +48V Phantom power- Extremely high headroom offering more dynamic range- Balanced inputs for highest signal integrity- Warm, natural 3-band EQ on each channel- 24 bit digital effects processor- 256 effects (16 presets 16 variations)- Effect on/off by means of MUTE switch or a footswitch connected to the DFX FOOTSWITCH- Switch-able Low-cut filter on each mono channel- Peak LED on each channel- AUX send 1/2 per channel for external effects and monitoring- Control room and headphone outputs- 2-Track inputs assignable to main mix, control room / headphone outputs- Highly accurate 12-segment bar graph meters- Inserts on MIC channels

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